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Computer Repairs Whyalla

Computer Repairs Whyalla is dedicated to providing a friendly, honest and lower priced service to everyday people like yourself. CRW doesn’t contract for large businesses so that a more personalized experience can be provided to our everyday customers. We listen to your needs, care about customer satisfaction and make it our priority.

Call Chris now on 0427992351 or find us on our Contact us page.
Even if you don't consider yourself to be computer literate, you will still be treated with respect and dignity while we work with you to find the best outcome for your situation. When we remove viruses for example we won’t just hand you back an unprotected computer that will merely land you back where you started. We provide solutions to keep your files safe in the future.

CRW gives your computer a tune-up before handing it back so that it will work better than new in the future. Value for money is a big priority at CRW so we make sure you get a nice clean computer handed back to you so it works AND looks better upon return.

We also provide a custom built computer service for those who would rather have a computer that was built specifically to perform the tasks that they want it to do. No more, no less. This means you don’t end up with included hardware or software that you won’t use but would pay for anyway if purchased from a big electronics chain.

This means you can put your money towards getting a better system at a cheaper price. You can hand-pick any or every component if you wish or you can tell us what you use it for and we’ll build one that will perform those tasks easily, quickly and for the lowest price.

If any of the parts fail in one of the Computer Repairs Whyalla custom built machines your computer will be dealt with quickly and efficiently here in Whyalla by a person that you can see with your own eyes rather than an anonymous technician at some unknown destination. Any parts that may fail within the warranty period (it’s a fact of life that even good quality computer components can sometimes fail) then Computer Repairs Whyalla will obtain a replacement for you and install it free of charge.