Call Chris for repairs, upgrades and custom built computers!

CRW offers a number of Services to our clients including custom built computers, upgrades and repairs of all kinds to software and hardware. We repair laptops and desktops at very affordable prices and will pickup and deliver to any Whyalla home or business. We provide same-day pickup or on-site maintenance if necessary.

  • Virus removal
  • Start-up failure repairs
  • Replace broken laptop screens
  • Computer upgrades
  • Tune-ups
  • Windows re-installs
  • Speed up slow computers
  • Repair hardware problems
  • Custom Built Computers

These are just some of the services that Computer Repairs Whyalla performs. CRW can repair pretty much any kind of fault whether it's software or hardware related. A great many people suffer from slow computers and annoying error messages for example. These problems can be fixed by cleaning up your computer, following up on the error reports, adjusting Windows settings, disabling uneeded services and adding more RAM memory. (To mention but a few methods.)

Having the appropriate antivirus and firewall software installed is very important but having these important programs incorrectly set up can slow down your computer or even render it unusable. You should never have more than one antivirus program installed for example.

Even the most careful computer users need Windows re-installing from time to time to remove clutter that is left behind by installing and uninstalling software. There are programs that can help to remove what's left behind but even they cannot find and remove everything. A windows re-install can get your computer back to how it worked when you first bought it and with a CRW tuneup it will work even faster than new!

Is your computer upgradable? *Laptop's may be upgraded by adding RAM memory, a larger capacity hard drive or replacing the hard drive with a hybrid or solid state drive (SSD). Solid state drives are much faster than standard hard drives and are known to provide the best upgrade that you can give any computer. They can potentially reduce the boot time from more than two minutes to less than thirty seconds!

If you have a desktop PC then it almost certainly is upgradeable. We can add more RAM memory, a second hard drive, a graphics card, (depending on whether your motherboard is capable.) or even a faster CPU! CRW's are upgradeable to begin with so you will always have the option to upgrade as you need more speed or hard drive space in the future. All of our computer build's have at least one slot for adding a graphics card and the higher end build's even have the option to add up to three extra cards including the original!

If you need any of these services performed on on your computer please give us a call on 0427992351 or use our Contact page to let us know what you need.

*Some laptop's or desktop's may have already been upgraded to their full potential making further upgrade's impossible.